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So what is it like to work with Tackt?

On this page you will learn what kind of results to expect. You will also get a sense of my guiding beliefs and values, my approach to clients and what makes me different.

Results you can expect

When you work with me, you …

  • engage with otherness. You take “changing others“ off the agenda. This simply doesn‘t happen. People are change-resistant. It‘s with otherness you can engage.
  • let other stakeholders make different decisions than you would. Believe it or not, it works too. It might be challenging. But it‘s delegation at its best.
  • dedicate more time to pacing and leading change as opposed to people. Embracing reality head-on takes courage. It‘s the context that triggers engagement.
  • gain more understanding of what works and what doesn‘t work when aligning key stakeholders. Leadership is listening. And if listening – with your eyes, your ears and your intuition – isn‘t happening, then surprise, frustration and anger is programmed.
  • grasp that leadership begins at home. You are an intricate part of the process. Identifying blindspots becomes a must. Assumptions and decision biases are uncovered, acknowledged and addressed.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

I believe in objectively looking at reality as a source of learning and development.

Leadership is relational. It is in the quality of the relationships that you have with yourself and with others where leadership succeeds or fails. I work with my clients to identify, explore and address the challenges posed to those relationships.

Uniqueness is irreplaceable. Not tapping into the talents and skills in any business environment is irrational. In fact, it‘s mad. I work with my clients to pinpoint and trigger those unique talents.

Different perspectives trigger excellence. Your perspective at any given time is the angle of your vision. I support clients in tapping into and exploring diverse and alternative perspectives on familiar and burning challenges.

Change is the only constant. You know that the future is anything but a fixed destination. A key ingredient in adapting to changing circumstances is diversity. I support my clients in capitalizing on the benefits of that diversity.

Respect is not optional. You interact with various stakeholders for many reasons. One key reason is to gain understanding, trust and respect. I work side-by-side with my clients to do everything possible to increase and sustain mutual trust and respect.


I provide objective observations. I mirror back what I observe and what I hear. I explore assumptions and judgements. I trigger your self-awareness and your awareness of others.

I include language in the equation. I practise deep listening. I never assume that we are on the same page. I check. Incessantly. I capture a full understanding of your situation.

I am a sounding board. I support and facilitate possibility thinking and decision-making. I foster shifts that reveal fresh perspectives. I also pose tough questions. I share hard truths. I challenge blindspots.

I explore critical incidents. I share feedback. I support the exploration and identification of alternative scenarios. I make requests.

I am honest, fair and constructive. I appreciate and respect your personal responsibility and goals.

I guarantee absolute discretion and confidentiality. I request and reveal nothing from or to third parties without your prior consent.

What makes me unique?

It‘s my strengths profile.

I am an achiever and have a high need to set, track and reach attractive and time-framed goals. This strength is supported by my assertiveness, that is my need and ability to express objectives clearly and articulately.

Individualisation is another strength of mine. I am intrigued by the unique qualities in each person. I instinctively observe strengths and this supports me in drawing out the best in my clients.

I am a learner and am energized by the challenge of supporting others in learning how to extend and sustain their capacity to maximize on their levels of competency. I am in my element in dynamic environments where new situations arise instantaneously.

Maximizing is also a strength of mine. I support clients and their teams figure out ways to maximize on their performance. I have a need to stretch others, that is to support them in doing more of what they do well.

I am strategic. I have the ability to see patterns where others see complexity. I have the need to analyse situations with my clients in order to generate strategies and put specific and realistic objectives in place.

Now that you know how we work, just click on services to learn more about what we have to offer.