So, Who is the Driving Force behind Tackt?

Honor Cooper-Kovács is an independent professional with over 30 years experience working with executives and senior management in international companies with different organizational cultures across Europe.

On the business front, Honor‘s focus lies in supporting leaders and managers build on strengths, capitalize on differences and trigger excellence in performance via choice.

On the education front, Honor has lectured on intercultural management and on leadership & change management in Master of International Business programs in Berlin.

On the civic engagement front, Honor is an active Rotarian and Past President of the Rotary Club Berlin International.  Here Honor is 100% committed to Global Grants which form international partnerships responding to real community needs.

On the private front, Honor was born in Dublin … lives in Berlin … speaks English, German and French … is an avid reader … enjoys travelling … swimming … walking … and a round of golf on a challenging course.

And wherever she goes, Honor is committed to making those differences that make the difference.

If you would like to learn about how it is to work with Honor, just click on stories to read how excellence can be triggered in leadership.